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Thursday doors #17

My recent trip to Rivarolo Canavese, a name which just rolls off the tongue, provided me with a couple of “new” doors for my expanding collection. I spotted this one while wandering around its old arcaded town. I love that the door arch echoes… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #17”

Thursday doors #16

There’s just so many beautiful doors wherever you look and not enough time to photograph them all, though Norm’s Challenge is helping! Okay, so the door’s not that unusual but I loved the fact that someone had parked their bike right in front of… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #16”

Trip to Rivarolo Canavese

When my beloved told me we were visiting the home town of one of his new clients, Rivarolo Canavese, I thought it sounded like a full-bodied red wine. But no, it’s a wonderfully historic town just 30 minutes north-east of Turin. We drove there… Continue Reading “Trip to Rivarolo Canavese”