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One from the Vaults: Postcard from Pais Vasco

Sadly once again we’re not down in the Basque Country enjoying bike racing though at least I get to watch this year’s race on the television. Indeed, thanks to my beloved’s broken, hip, pressure of work and Covid, the last edition we saw was… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: Postcard from Pais Vasco”

Wordless Wednesday

View of Catedral del Buen Pastor de San Sebastián from the Old Town

Sculpture Saturday #17

At the base of Monte Urgull in San Sebastián you’ll find Jorge Oteiza’s Construcción Vacía (Empty Space) sculpture. Oteiza (1908–2003) was a renowned painter, sculptor and writer who was born and brought up close to San Sebastián. An award winner at the 1957 São… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #17”

Sculpture Saturday #2

Week two of my participation in this challenge hosted by the Mind over Memory blogger. This week I thought I’d pick something by one of my favourite sculptors. This was from a temporary exhibition overlooking the Zurriola beach in San Sebastian featuring the scupltures… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #2”

The Basque Country: best beach

I’ve written so much about the gorgeous northern Spanish seaside town of San Sebastian in the Basque Country over the years that, this time, I thought I’d hone in on one of its (many) key features – its beaches. Specifically, its award-winning beach. The… Continue Reading “The Basque Country: best beach”

Thursday doors #15

Here’s another from one of my favourite cities, it’s the entrance to the Basilica of Saint Mary of Coro, a Baroque Roman Catholic Church completed in 1774, located in San Sebastian’s Old Town. My two photos show the main entrance door which is located… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #15”

Thursday doors #10

These magnificent wrought iron doors (just one of a series of matching doors) belong to San Sebastian’s Kutxabank, which is a savings bank mainly operating within the Gipuzkoa region of the Basque country. It’s one of the bank’s many branches but easily the most… Continue Reading “Thursday doors #10”

12 days of Christmas: day 2

This is a photo of La Concha beach in San Sebastian, taken on the first night of our vacation, just as the sun was setting. The broom like shapes on the beach are the canvas shelters which have been folded back and tied down.… Continue Reading “12 days of Christmas: day 2”

Holiday photos: day 32

I can’t remember where but at some point in the holiday my beloved said we were enjoying a Tour du Vin. For once, he was right. Pretty much everywhere we went, rows and rows of vines were omnipresent. As I wrap up our holiday,… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 32”

Holiday photos: day 29

I keep mentioning my favourite places for drinks, coffee, snacks, breakfast etc so I thought I’d break with tradition and share some of these with you. There are lots of great bread and cake shops, cafes and bars in San Sebastian and I think… Continue Reading “Holiday photos: day 29”