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One from the vaults: False start

Today, on our trip back down memory lane, we’re heading to November 2012 and those heady days when riding outside was possible! This was when I still had my cycling coach and we’d finally arranged our oft-postponed training ride in Italy. Sometimes it doesn’t… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: False start”

Maiden MOT

Tom IV has just had his first MOT or, as we say here in France, Contrôle Technique, and now sports a small badge on his windscreen certifying compliance. In France you have to undergo one of these within six months of your car’s fourth birthday.… Continue Reading “Maiden MOT”

You could love it too much

Having dropped off my beloved at the airport at some ungodly hour I am now privy to a spectacular sunrise over the Baie des Anges. Truth be told, I typically head back to bed for another half-hour or so but I’ve too much to… Continue Reading “You could love it too much”