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Wordless Wednesday #74

2021’s  Wordless Wednesday is going to feature photos from my trips to Australia. Here’s one from 2019’s #adventuredownunder. Goodness knows when I’ll be able to add to these. I’m kinda hoping to visit again in 2022-23.

One from the Vaults: The bits in between – Sydney to Adelaide

This follows on from the last few posts in this series where I look back on our travels around Australia. This week’s is from our 2016 #adventuredownunder and covers quite a lengthy drive from Sydney to Adelaide. As we left behind the lush, manicured,… Continue Reading “One from the Vaults: The bits in between – Sydney to Adelaide”

Silent Sunday #35

Today I’ve chosen a photograph from our 2019 #adventuredownunder showing some of the glorious plants in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

Sculpture Saturday #14

This bronze statue in the park near the NSW Art Gallery in Sydney commemorates Scotland`s most famous poet Robert Burns (1759 – 1796). Inaugurated in 1905 by the State Governor in honour of the origins of many Australians. The statue and its plinth was… Continue Reading “Sculpture Saturday #14”

Silent Sunday

For Carol Anne: Darling Harbor, Sydney

Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again

If it’s difficult to whittle down the highlights of our vacation, it’s just as challenging to choose where we’d happily visit again. Our previous vacations in Australia had covered Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide but while we’d investigated much of South Australia and Victoria, there… Continue Reading “Places from our #adventuredownunder we’d visit again”

(Another) Postcard from Sydney II

Our last night in Australia was, for convenience, spent at a hotel in the International Terminal of Sydney Airport. This afforded my beloved a catch up with his Australian distributor while I enjoyed a final day in Sydney in Hyde Park and at the… Continue Reading “(Another) Postcard from Sydney II”

(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part II

We spent that first Sunday in Sydney largely walking around its splendid (and free) Botanical Gardens which we accessed from the other side of the wharf. The weather was glorious for a winter’s day as you’ll see from the various photographs. The map below… Continue Reading “(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part II”

(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part I

We’ve arrived in Sydney after a stopover in Dubai. I should warn you that if you’re expecting to read about Sydney’s iconic sites, you’re going to be disappointed. If that’s what you’re after, check out my earlier posts from 2010 and 2016. No, this… Continue Reading “(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part I”

And, they’re off……………………….

Today we’re flying to Dubai en route for Australia, and another big adventure Down Under. On our three previous trips, we’ve not visited Queensland – too hot. But Australia’s wintertime seems to provide ideal temperatures, plus my beloved is attending a dental exhibition in… Continue Reading “And, they’re off……………………….”