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(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part II

We spent that first Sunday in Sydney largely walking around its splendid (and free) Botanical Gardens which we accessed from the other side of the wharf. The weather was glorious for a winter’s day as you’ll see from the various photographs. The map below… Continue Reading “(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part II”

(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part I

We’ve arrived in Sydney after a stopover in Dubai. I should warn you that if you’re expecting to read about Sydney’s iconic sites, you’re going to be disappointed. If that’s what you’re after, check out my earlier posts from 2010 and 2016. No, this… Continue Reading “(Another) Postcard from Sydney: Part I”

And, they’re off……………………….

Today we’re flying to Dubai en route for Australia, and another big adventure Down Under. On our three previous trips, we’ve not visited Queensland – too hot. But Australia’s wintertime seems to provide ideal temperatures, plus my beloved is attending a dental exhibition in… Continue Reading “And, they’re off……………………….”

12 Days of Christmas- day 5

This one’s from Manly Beach in Sydney. Not as well known as nearby Bondi Beach, but it’s much bigger and tends to be less crowded. I first visited Manly back in 2010 when we were in Australia for the UCI Road World Championships. My beloved… Continue Reading “12 Days of Christmas- day 5”

The bits in between – Sydney to Adelaide

As we left behind the lush, manicured, green suburbs of Sydney on our 1380km drive to Adelaide, we encountered golden scrubland punctuated by trees, grazed by cattle and sheep somnolent in the warm morning sunshine. The road was undulating at first with gullies, creeks… Continue Reading “The bits in between – Sydney to Adelaide”

Postcard from Sydney

We departed Sydney under leaden, rain-laden skies after three gloriously hot, sunny days where the temperature peaked at 42C! Thank goodness for air con and SPF 100. We stayed in a hotel close by Darling Harbour, an area we both know well. My beloved… Continue Reading “Postcard from Sydney”

Wise words

A very dear and wise friend said we should celebrate we’ve reached the grand old age of 60 without suffering from any serious illnesses, ailments or injuries. Well, there’s no point in receiving words of wisdom if you don’t act on them. Her birthday… Continue Reading “Wise words”

Postcards from Sydney II

Heading back to Melbourne today and then flying home tomorrow via Doha. My flight’s late so I’ll get to spend all day in Melbourne. I’ve enjoyed my brief stay in Sydney, particularly my bike ride around Manly yesterday. Though my idea of a “road… Continue Reading “Postcards from Sydney II”

Postcards from Sydney I

Despite 10 days in Australia, thanks to a hired bike, gyms in the hotels and suitable places to jog, I have been able to keep up with my training programme. I am however having severe withdrawal symptoms which will hopefully be assuaged tomorrow in… Continue Reading “Postcards from Sydney I”