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The 25 Question Tag

A big shout out to Jennifer at PaperKutzs who encouraged all of us to join in with this challenge! Please check out her wonderful blog where you’ll find examples of her lovely handmade cards. This 25 Question Tag was created by Creabealounge Questions 1)… Continue Reading “The 25 Question Tag”

Whosoever Tag

I was most kindly tagged by Mr Holiman back in September. He’s happily married to Mrs Holiman – who also has a blog – and he loves to help others and put a smile on people’s faces. Please do go and check out his… Continue Reading “Whosoever Tag”

Tagged: 10 things that make me happy I, II and III

A couple of months ago – was it really that long? – I was most fortunate to be tagged by three fantastic bloggers: James, Carol Anne and Steve.  If you’re not familiar with their blogs, please check them out and give them a follow.… Continue Reading “Tagged: 10 things that make me happy I, II and III”

20 Questions

Back in November, Mrs Suvi most kindly suggested I might like to take part in this challenge. And, you know me, I’m always up for a challenge. Don’t forget to check out Mrs Suvi’s blog, she’s a wife and mother of two from Finland… Continue Reading “20 Questions”

Tag: Share your passions

I would like to thank blogger James who shares his words and thoughts on his blog James A Best – writer for tagging me in the #Share Your Passion Tag. Sorry its taken me so long to complete this Tag! The Goal of the… Continue Reading “Tag: Share your passions”

Five things I like about myself

Dr Tanya from the evolving lifestyle blog Salted Caramel – what a great name! – kindly encouraged me to take part in this new Tag #5things which was started by Sadje of KeepItAlive. It’s about listing five things you like about yourself. You can… Continue Reading “Five things I like about myself”

December- The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Tag

How could I not join in with this tag? Of course, I normally only post awards and tags on Sunday but, if I put this one in the queue, it’ll be Easter before it’s published. So I’m going to break with custom and practice……….… Continue Reading “December- The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Tag”

3, 2, 1 Quote me – Love

Mega thanks to Pooja who blogs over at Lifesfinewhine for the tag. Born and raised in Kenya, an ethnic Indian, Pooja speaks both English and Gujarati and is currently trying to learn German – sehr gut. She’s studying history and sociology at University in… Continue Reading “3, 2, 1 Quote me – Love”

3,2,1 Quote Me – Hope

A huge thanks to The Bag Lady blogger who writes @ https://rugby843.blog for the tag. Her strapline is: The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New – Socrates I shall attempt… Continue Reading “3,2,1 Quote Me – Hope”

3,2,1 Tag – Let’s Celebrate Life

Full-time Mum and creative blogger HP Kahin tagged me for this interesting ‘3.2.1 Quote me’ tag! Thank you HP for thinking about me, and for the tag! TOPIC FOR TODAY: Celebration of Life HP’s favorite topic is ‘Celebration of Life’ so, let’s celebrate! Come on now, celebration… Continue Reading “3,2,1 Tag – Let’s Celebrate Life”