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Really Neat Award IX and X

A couple of months ago, I was most kindly nominated for this Really Neat Award by two great bloggers. Firstly, Roxancena, a full-time Human Resource and Yoga Practitioner, who is aiming to become a motivational writer/ blogger/ speaker. Writing is her way of expressing… Continue Reading “Really Neat Award IX and X”

Real Neat Blog Award IV

Tatterhood most kindly nominated me for this award back in October (hangs head in shame). She writes or rather muses on her blog of the same name. Please check it out, she has some interesting content. Oh, and don’t forget to give her a… Continue Reading “Real Neat Blog Award IV”

The Real Neat Blog Award II

Awards are like buses. You don’t get any for a while and then, all of a sudden, it’s raining awards. So I’ve decided to pace myself and ration them out a bit. Back in July, Thinking Moon most kindly bestowed on me the Real… Continue Reading “The Real Neat Blog Award II”

The Real Neat Blog Award

Awards are like buses. You don’t get any for a while and then two come along together. Neha Kulkarni has most kindly helped me get 2019 off to a great start by bestowing the Real Neat Blog Award. Can 2019 get any better? Firstly,… Continue Reading “The Real Neat Blog Award”