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Sunshine Blogger Award XXVI

Once again I’ve been very fortunate to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by another wonderful blogger, Swetha Sivakumar studying for his B.E in computer science in Chennai, whose blog Business English is helping us to improve our communication skills. Please head on… Continue Reading “Sunshine Blogger Award XXVI”

Sunshine Blogger Awards XXIV – XXV

Once again I’ve been very fortunate to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by two wonderful bloggers. Firstly, Wild at Heart who over at Wild Scared Crazy she shares her doubts and helps you get over your fears so that we can navigate… Continue Reading “Sunshine Blogger Awards XXIV – XXV”

Sunshine Blogger Awards XVI and XVII

Back in December, I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Shruti Dubhi who blogs over at Fantastic Reads. She’s a bit of a shy blogger but posts regularly about her life and beliefs. Joshua from Spread the Word also kindly nominated me.… Continue Reading “Sunshine Blogger Awards XVI and XVII”

Sunshine Blogger Awards XIV and XV

These two awards have a medical link. I have been prescribed the Sunshine Blogger Award by Dr. Martha Andrea Castro Noriega, MD WMA FACS who blogs over at Dr Martha Castro. She’s a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon who has practised world class medical… Continue Reading “Sunshine Blogger Awards XIV and XV”

Sunshine Blogger Award IX

I was most kindly nominated a few weeks ago by The Dragon Warrior from the Den of Dreams.  Sophie’s been busy with her exams of late – I’m sure she’ll do well – then she’ll be back with her wonderful stories and illustrations, showering… Continue Reading “Sunshine Blogger Award IX”

The Sunshine Blogger Award VIII

I’m back from Australia but I’m still ploughing through those awards. Many thanks to Muffin (and Steve) over at Steve’s Country for the nomination. The pair aim to give their readers a “smile as wide as a country sunrise, and maybe even a laugh… Continue Reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award VIII”

The Sunshine Blogger Award VII

Many thanks to Dawn, whose blog Drawing Closer to Christ is full of wisdom, for nominating me for The Sunshine Blogger Award. Reading her blog, Dawn strikes me as being one of life’s achievers, a real tour de force. She’s a devout Christian, has… Continue Reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award VII”

The Sunshine Blogger Award VI

A huge thanks to Saba Niaz siddique who has kindly brought me some more sunshine by nominating me again for this award. I much enjoy reading the blogs of those from different cultures to my own, I find them so instructive and informative and… Continue Reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award VI”

Sunshine Blogger Award V

Awards are like buses, you wait for ages and then two come along at almost the same time. I know lots of bloggers pooh pooh awards but I believe it’s a great way to encourage new bloggers and they help us all get to… Continue Reading “Sunshine Blogger Award V”

The Sunshine Blogger Award III

Well, what a lovely way to kick off 2019 – at the back end of 2018 Dr Tanya kindly nominated me for another Sunshine Blogger Award. Please take the time to check out and follow her blog which has a great name, “Salted Caramel.”… Continue Reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award III”