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Everyone’s a Winner

If only this were true about cycling. It’s a team sport but only one of the team can win, unless it’s the World team time-trial championships. For many riders, the best they can hope for is being on the winning team, taking satisfaction from… Continue Reading “Everyone’s a Winner”

A Wonderful Win

I love watching cycle races. I enjoy them even more if friends are competing but nothing tops watching one of your friends win. As a cyclist, you’ll lose more races than you’ll ever win, period. Doesn’t matter who you are or how good you… Continue Reading “A Wonderful Win”


Another day, another post! I don’t expect this will last long. I’m feeling fatigued from yesterday’s ride with my coach. We’re playing catch up after he was “hors combat” with his broken collar-bone. I set off early to have coffee with some Australians with… Continue Reading “Spoilt”

Staying at home

I’ve been oddly silent these past few days and you might (or might not) just be wondering what’s happened: absolutely nothing. I’ve been out riding, lots. Yes, the weather’s been fine and I’ve been out on my bike, with my beloved,¬†over some testing terrain… Continue Reading “Staying at home”