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One from the vaults: I love riding on my lonesome

I realise that I now rarely write about my cycling which is what originally anchored this blog. Admittedly the various lockdowns took a toll of my kilometrage, I’m back to riding around the area on my lonesome – weather permitting. So I thought I’d… Continue Reading “One from the vaults: I love riding on my lonesome”

The bionic man is up and running………..well, almost

Post my beloved’s stay in hospital, we’ve quickly settled into a routine. The first 10 days we had early morning calls from the local nurse to administer anti-coagulant injections, and two at home blood tests conducted by a local lab. Every week day, late… Continue Reading “The bionic man is up and running………..well, almost”

Back on the trainer!

Yes, I’m (unexpectedly) back on the home trainer. We enjoy around 300+ days of sunshine every year leaving around 65 when it’s not so great. Some of those 65 have occurred in the last two weeks. It was lovely the week after we returned… Continue Reading “Back on the trainer!”

Turning tides

Usually in October I slip seamlessly into my 3/4 bib shorts and long-sleeved jersey but I’m still riding in shorts and a short-sleeved jersey and it’s almost November. Okay, I have on occasion worn arm warmers for the first part of my ride and… Continue Reading “Turning tides”

Finally back in the saddle

My cycling has been more off than on of late. I felt I was getting back into my stride when my beloved fell off his bike and broke his leg. Consequently, I’ve waited on him hand and foot for the past four – five months.… Continue Reading “Finally back in the saddle”

I love riding on my lonesome

Cycling Weekly had an article this week entitled “Eight reasons why riding alone is better than riding in a group.” This resonated with me because, I much prefer riding alone. I agreed with their reasoning but have put my own spin on it. I… Continue Reading “I love riding on my lonesome”

One day at a time

I don’t really have a daily routine. However, weather permitting, and it usually does, I like to cycle most days. While, Monday is generally dedicated to administrative chores and Friday is reserved for housework, this is not a hard and fast rule. How far,… Continue Reading “One day at a time”

Look no hands

I still remember the warm glow when I found the two-wheeled, red bike Santa had left for me in a nearby park the Xmas I was five. But I have conveniently forgotten how long it took me to shed its training wheels. When I… Continue Reading “Look no hands”