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Postcard from Piedmont: Part V

Piedmont which we’ve visited several times this year is a region in the north-west of Italy celebrated for its culture, baroque houses, elegant 19th century caf├ęs, museums and sophisticated cuisine. People flock to the white-truffle fairs of Alba and to taste the acclaimed Barolo… Continue Reading “Postcard from Piedmont: Part V”

Postcard from Piedmont: Part II

Having researched and written about the heritage of the Ferrero Family, I had to visit Alba, if only to buy some truffled goodies! Alba is the second most populous town in the province after the main city of Cuneo. It’s the historical and economic… Continue Reading “Postcard from Piedmont: Part II”

A – Z French Food: Part II

The Festive Season is a time for indulgence and while many are contemplating following a plant-based diet for Veganary, let’s look at Part II of my pick of some delicious French food. After all, it’s a calorie free exercise! If you missed it you’ll… Continue Reading “A – Z French Food: Part II”