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The Musette: Chocolate & almond butter swirl brownies

Chocolate and nut butter, a flavour friendship oft imitated but rarely bettered! In this recipe you make two batters to swirl into the tin, but both are quick and easy and everyone can swirl. This recipe does use quite a lot of nut butter,… Continue Reading “The Musette: Chocolate & almond butter swirl brownies”

The Musette: double-choc vegan brownies

The best vegan (or indeed any) brownies are the perfect amount of moist and fudgy—not too much, not too little.  These wonderfully moist vegan brownies boast a delicate, tender crumb with pockets of melted chocolate tucked in between. They bake with the right amount… Continue Reading “The Musette: double-choc vegan brownies”

The Musette: Vegan Brownies

Sometimes you just need a little bit of something chocolatey. I keep a batch of these vegan brownies inspired by a recipe on “The Friendly Epicurean” in the freezer so they’re ready and waiting when I absolutely need them. Of course, I have to… Continue Reading “The Musette: Vegan Brownies”