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The Musette: Baked Chard

I love recipes which are both a main meal for me and a side-dish for my non-vegan beloved husband. We both adore  Swiss chard’s dark green leaves with their colourful, sometimes woody, stems. I particularly like the stems which I’ll often use in another… Continue Reading “The Musette: Baked Chard”

The Musette: vegan “butter” cauliflower

One of my beloved’s favourite Indian dishes is butter chicken but could I make a vegan version that would satisfy us both, since neither butter nor chicken figure in my regime? Instead of chicken, I’ve used a whole roasted cauliflower and then made appropriate… Continue Reading “The Musette: vegan “butter” cauliflower”

The Musette: a riff on ratatouille and caponata

I generally love shopping daily, finding inspiration in the local shops and markets for the day’s meals. However, when I’m on my own, I’m quite happy to make a pot of something which I can use in a number of different ways for a… Continue Reading “The Musette: a riff on ratatouille and caponata”

The Musette: Breakfast muffins

I’ve always enjoyed porridge (made with water) for breakfast. I find it great fuel before a long week-end ride. However, mid-week I often ride without eating any breakfast – allegedly it encourages fat-burning – and need a portable snack in my back pocket for… Continue Reading “The Musette: Breakfast muffins”

The Musette: Turmeric Oat Pancakes

My beloved and I generally go for longer rides at the week-end, calling for a more substantial pre-ride breakfast. I haven’t made him pancakes for a while but I recently found a recipe for Turmeric Pancakes. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound terribly inviting… Continue Reading “The Musette: Turmeric Oat Pancakes”

Top fuel

I haven’t written much about my own cycling recently – not that there’s been much to write about! I first got back on the bike at the end of August and what a shock it was. It was like going back to when I… Continue Reading “Top fuel”