Holiday photos: day 24

You could be forgiven for thinking that I’ve spent all my time at the beach from the previous photos. I haven’t, I’m just endlessly fascinated by the play of light on water. While my beloved’s been away, I’ve been investigating. Even though we’ve visited San Sebastian every year for the past eight years, there’s always something new to discover.

Unlike my beloved I adore looking at the architecturla features on some of the older buildings which are mostly built from stone with spectacular wrought iron balconies, porticos and doors. Buildings are constantly being renovated and brough back to life, in most cases only the facade is preserved.

As I walk up and down the rows of streets, I love spotting shops that have been in situ for generations, like the one in my header photo which sells brushes and baskets. Sadly, stores like these are few and far between so I felt I had to do my bit to ensure it survives further generations. I often bring bac token presents from my travels for family and friends. I think these gifts will surprise them.

Most of the shops have cleared their sale stocks and have winter garb in the windows. I’m interested to see what’s in vogue for this winter but can’t summon any interest to buy anything to update my wardrobe while I’m still sweltering.

I did however purchase some hankerchiefs from another long established family-run shop in the old town which sells divine nightwear, tablecloths, cute kiddies clothes and hankerchiefs. I always used to buy my parents some from here. Now I have only myself to spoil, and another dear friend who like me prefers a real hankerchief to a paper one.

Holiday photos: day 22

While the cat’s away, the mice will play. In my case this means while my beloved was back in the UK on a business trip, I could do exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately for him his absence coincided with the San Sebastian Jazz Festival,  where many of the events are free. I took full advantage and  it was very pleasant sitting in an adjacent bar, sipping something chilled while listening to some music. Or, as I later discovered, listening while lying in bed with the window open.

My beloved’s absence also coincided with the final exciting days of the Tour de France and the European Water Polo championships from Barcelona. What many of you won’t know is that my beloved is a former water polo player. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in chlorine-scented pools watching him play. I even qualified as a water polo referee, one of a few woment to do so at the time. Strutting round a pool blowing a whistle at will, where my word was law, rather brought out the worst in me!

It’s quite amusing to contrast the physiques of the athletes in the two sports. Typically, in weight terms, 1 water polo player = 2 – 3 cyclysts. Looking at the physiques of the former, I can’t help think it’s not just their mother’s cooking that has built those splendid rippling muscles.