The perfect present: goats on Zoom

I may have mentioned on more than one occasion that I’ve not seen much of my beloved, despite our close quarter’s confinement, other than at meal times. He’s become a Zoomster: webinars, panel discussions, meetings with colleagues, friends or family. I could barely hear myself think, so he was kicked out of the shared office to the spare desk in the lounge from whence he’s held court ever since!

I was idly scrolling through something, as you do, when I found this website. Bingo! I could get a goat to join my beloved on one of his interminable Zoom calls.

Now, in my view, there’s nothing that can’t be improved by the addition of a goat, preferably a baby goat. This would be a perfect present for my beloved and maybe yours?

Looking through the roster of goats from Cronkshaw Fold Farm in Rossendale, I’d be inclined to book Lisa for my beloved, I think they have a lot in common:-

Lisa is constantly hungry, angry and demanding – no surprise as her twin kids run riot in their pen daily, jumping all over her and demanding food. Lisa enjoys napping and drinking wine, though her kids rarely give her the chance to either.

What to expect from Lisa:

– Passive aggressive bleating

– Ferocious hunger

– Lack of any form of patience or tolerance of anything

If, on the other hand, I were to treat myself, I think I’d pick Terrance:-​​

According to his bio, Terrance is a sweet young man who just wants the quite life. He has to live in the lad pad with the other boys and tolerates their company.

What to expect from Terrance:

– A genuine desire for chin scratches

– A deep interest in what you have to say

– Soft velvety ears

Which goat would you pick?

What’s more, this is all in a good cause. The money will go towards installing renewable technologies on the farm. You’ll be doing something to help tackle climate change all the while you’re hanging out with the goats.  What a great idea!